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Hello, and thank you for visiting this site.  Chances are, if you are here, then you have received a sample of our flavor.   I hope you loved it as much as we do.

So, why did we start this page?

As we are taking the steps to become a business, but with that comes a lot of hot sauce and no legal way to sell it.  So… why not hand out samples?


All of our sauces are prepared over natural lump wood, in the comfort of our backyard.  What started out of a need to keep the cooking pepper fumes away from our little girl, which has now has become what makes our special.  We will have to transition into commercial kitchen work space for all of our prep work, and bottling process, however we are confident that we will find a space that either has a wood stove or wood smoker.

Nextdoor Sauces are Hot Pepper Sauces, created using locally sourced ingredients.

Our sauces are started by preparing ingredients with my young daughter, seasonings with my wife, and having my son give me the ok on the heat levels.  Nextdoor Sauces are cooked over a natural wood fire.

We have 5 different Flavors:

May Day (Hot)

Mango-less Pit (Hot)

Tropical Habenro (medium)

Pineapple Habenro (Mild)

The Everything Sauce*: Green (mild)



*cause it goes great on everything